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Government of Nepal

Ministry of Health and Population

Ramshahpath, Kathmandu, Nepal

Disaster management programme

Disaster Management is seeks to enhance health sector emergency preparedness and disaster response, including disaster related outbreak management in close coordination and in collaboration with stakeholders across the country.

The overall objective of this programme is to enhance the capacities of health sector in emergency preparedness and response by focusing on disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction and response through following activities:

  • Expediting the process of health sector contingency planning
  • Providing training to the health workers in emergency preparedness and disaster response
  • Strengthening the mechanism for multi-sectoral coordination and collaboration in relation to health sector disaster management
  • Preparing hospitals for emergency disaster preparedness
  • Stock-piling supplies, medicines, surgical kits and others at provincial levels 

Programme Implemented by

Disaster Management Section

Epidemiology and Disease Control Division

Department of Health Services (DoHS)

Teku, Kathmandu

T : 01-4255796

F : 01-4262268

W: http://www.edcd.gov.np