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Knowledge café is one among many initiatives of the knowledge café secretariat. Knowledge café meetings are a semi-formal, interactive discussion platform for health system stakeholders to discuss recent evidence on priority health issues and its implications especially for relevance and use in health decision-making e.g. policy development, planning, programming, and budgeting. The knowledge café, as a term sounds very informal. Unlike the formality of the research conferences, policy dialogues, technical working groups or summit, it is semi-formal setup which inspires critical, frank discussion on the usefulness of the available evidence and its applicability in promoting the use/uptake of evidence.





23 Poush 2076

(8 January 2020)

Use of evidence in equity in health outcomes


22 Falgun 2076

(5 March 2020)

Efforts to control COVID-19


5 Baisakh 2077

(17 April 2020)

Landscape of COVID-19 testing


9 Jestha 2077

(12 May 2020)

Clinical Spectrum and Transmission Dynamics of COVID-19


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