English   |   Nepali   Date: April 21, 2014
Hospital pharmacy directives 2070
Audit Clearance Guideline- Nepali
Internal Control Guideline- Nepali
Bipanna Nagarik Aushadhi Upchar Cosh Nirdesika
Guideline for Health Institutions Established Upgrade standard
A Brief Profile of MoHP 2070
Collaborative Framework of LHGS MoHP-MoFALD
Collaborative Framework of MoHP and MoFALD
Revised Health Act-2069
Revised Nizamati sewa ACT-2069
Health Care Technology Policy
Nepal national Health Accounts 2003/04 to 2005/06
Public Expenditure Review of Health Sector
National Health Policy, 1991
Second Long Term Health Plan, 1997 - 2017
Health Sector Strategies, Oct 2004
VCDP For NHSP-IP, June 2004
Environmental Impact Assessment of NHSP-IP, June 2003
Health Care Waste Management in Nepal, June 2003
Strategic Plan for Human Resources for Health, AprilL 2003
Nepal Health Development Partnership 2009

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