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Logistics Management Division is responsible for the procurement and supply chain management (SCM) of all health related goods and technologies (drugs, commodities, vaccine and equipment) for the health facilities. It also carries out the functions of inventory management, auction, repair and maintenance of bio-medical and cold chain equipment, instruments and transport vehicles. Through an efficient management of logistic system, LMD aims to contribute in effective and efficient delivery of health services so as to ensure citizens' access to quality of health care services as envisioned in the NHSS.

In order to systematize the management of logistics, this division has Logistics Management Information System (LMIS). LMIS Unit under LMD collects and analyze information on quarterly basis (three monthly) using LMIS reports from all of the health facilities across the country and online Inventory Management System (IMS) up to districts level for real time LMIS, prepares report and provides feedback. This information system is used for forecasting and quantification for procurement; Supply Chain Management (SCM) and maintaining stock of drugs and other medical products; prepare/revise/ update different protocol and guideline to strength SCM. LMD has a network of central and five regional medical stores as well as district level stores in order to manage procurement and supply chain of the drugs and other medical products. Key programme components and scope of LMD are presented in Table below.


Programme Components of Logistics Management Division


Programme Components

Scope/Key functions



Consolidation of procurement plan

Integration of Annual forecasting and quantification; Coordination with other Divisions on items and quantity for procurement; Development of consolidated procurement plan; approval of the procurement plan


Procurement of health related goods and technologies

Use and endorsement of specifications; tendering; assessments of proposals; contracting, pre and post shipment inspection.


Supply chain management

Pipeline monitoring; transportation and distribution; warehouse management; inventory management; Capacity building, monitoring and evaluation; reverse logistics


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