नेपाल सरकार - स्वास्थ्य तथा जनसंख्या मन्त्रालय
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निशुल्क स्वास्थ्य सेवा

Starting in 2006, the Ministry of Health has implemented a policy aimed at providing free health services to all citizens through district health facilities. In the first phase, free essential health care services were offered to poor and vulnerable citizens attending primary health care centres and district hospitals.  In addition to these, in 35 districts that ranked lowest in the Human Development Index, the programme provided additional free outpatient services to the same groups in the district facilities.

Since January 2009, under the "New Nepal, Healthy Nepal" initiative of the Government, all citizens are able to access District Hospitals (DH) and Primary Health Care Centres (PHCC) without having to pay for registration: they are eligible for free outpatient, emergency and in-patient services, as well as drugs.
A second universal programme commenced in January 2008, aimed at the provision of free essential health care services to all citizens, irrespective of their economic status, at all health posts nationwide. There are no charges for registration or for the dispensation of 38 essential drugs at the HP level, 68 at PHCC level and 70 at the district hospital. The numbers of drugs continue to expand as new drugs are added by the ministry.

For more information about Free Health Programme, contact:

Primary Health Care Revitalisation Division
Teku, Kathmandu
P: 01 - 4100080
Fax:01 - 4100052
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