नेपाल सरकार - स्वास्थ्य तथा जनसंख्या मन्त्रालय
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बाल स्वास्थ्य महशाखा

Child Health Division is mainly responsible for the management and delivery of health services targeting less than five years of children. Over the next five years, CHD will work further to broaden its scope to include programs for addressing health and nutrition issues of children <14 years of age. The overall goal of Child Health Division (CHD) is to reduce morbidity, disability and mortality among less than five years of children and to improve the nutritional status of children and mothers. In recent years, Child Health Division has been instrumental to coordinate and link its interventions in line with the life cycle approach for maternal, adolescent and child health and nutrition. In order to achieve this goal, the division is implementing the following three national programmes:

· National Immunization Program aiming to reduce the burden of vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs) and child mortality;

· Community-Based Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (CB-IMNCI) focusing the reduction of morbidity and mortality among neonates and under-five children

· National Nutrition Program for improving the nutritional status of children, pregnant women and adolescents

In addition to the management of above programmes, CHD also carries out planning, programming, and monitoring and evaluation activities in relation to the implementation of those programmes. Child Health Division is managing the delivery of child health and nutrition services for child survival and development through its four sections: (a) Immunization Section, (b) IMNCI Section, (c) Nutrition Section and (d) Planning and Monitoring Section in close coordination with district (public) health offices. Key functions and service areas under each programme are presented in the table below.


Programme Components of Child Health Division

Programme Components

Scope/Key functions


National Immunization Programme

Expanded programme for immunization, national immunization campaign, mobile immunization clinics


Community-Based Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (CB-IMNCI) programme

Immediate and essential newborn care, assessment, classification and management of sick neonates, and ARI, diarrhoea, measles, malaria and malnutrition among children under five, hospital strengthening initiatives for management of sick newborns and detection and management of disability among children, mobilization of female community health volunteers for preventive and promotional functions


National Nutrition Programme

Maternal, infant and young child nutrition, micronutrient supplementation, growth monitoring and promotion, integrated management of acute malnutrition, prevention and control of soil transmitted helminths, school health and nutrition and multisector nutrition plan (MSNP)